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September 26, 2013


Next Meeting

October 2 @ 5:15pm in Grin 107


Upcomming Events

  • BBQ Social on Thursday, September 26th at 5:30pm
  • Illustrator tutorial next Wednesday after the meeting
  • Prep screens Friday, October 4th at 3pm

The Minutes

  • PGSA is officially a departmental organization.
  • Next meeting, we will vote on the new constitution.
    • A PDF copy will be sent to members.
  • BBQ Social
    • AIGA meeting & leaving at 5pm
    • PGSA will leave at 5 & 5:30pm
    • Carpool
      • Drivers: Bri & Scully
    • Bring food
    • Activities: frisbee, card games, ice breaker game
  • Roxann will lead an Illustrator tutorial next Wednesday
  • Members in attendance voted on tutorial to be taught.
    • Email tutorial ideas to pgsaucm@gmail.com.
    • Work from tutorials will be posted on bulletin board.
  • Student work “shout-outs” will also be posted on the board.
    • Instructors will choose work.
  • Send shirt requests to Gmail.
  • Join production manager, Dao, next Friday, Oct. 4th, at 3pm to help prep screens. It will be a good learning opportunity.
  • Officer positions will be available next semester, including:
    • Production Manager
    • Secretary
  • If interested, you can find out more about officer positions in the constitution.